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What Most Computer Security Defenses are Doing Wrong, and How to Fix It

1H |  by Roger A. Grimes |  11:00 AM (CDT) / 16:00 (UTC)

Most companies have huge gaps in their computer security defenses and can be compromised at will by a determined hacker. The industry even has a term for it: “Assume Breach”. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Join Roger A. Grimes, a 30-year computer security consultant and author of 10 books,...


Battling the Cryptojacking Epidemic & Malware Mutations

1H |  by Ladi Adefala |  11:00 AM (CDT) / 16:00 (UTC)

Cyber threats are as unpredictable as the weather, which can make preparing and planning for them daunting and full of uncertainty. Join this webinar for an in-depth discussion of threat research where our security strategy expert walks you through the top trends, such as IoT botnets targeting...


Continuous Assurance Using Data Threat Modeling

1H |  by Fouad Khalil, Paul Philips, CISA, CISM, MBA |  11:00 AM (CDT) / 16:00 (UTC)

Ask most security, risk, governance or assurance practitioners what the single most important consideration for their organizations is and there’s a strong likelihood they will tell you that the answer is “the data”. Professionals continuously assess and evaluate the controls they deploy to keep...