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Qualified Certificates as a Foundation for Digital Transformation

By Alen Beganovic, CISM, CGEIT

The Nexus  |  08 Jul 2019

Human tasks such as handwritten signing are an obstacle to digital transformation. These human tasks interrupt process digitalization and create the need for the implementation of expensive processes such as accessing, storing and archiving paper-based documentation. On the other hand,...

Data Security and Niche Software

By Anna P. Murray

The Nexus  |  10 Jun 2019

Inside a large corporation, it is sometimes easy to forget that not everyone’s life revolves around SAP, Salesforce, Adobe Experience Manager or Microsoft Azure. Squadrons of software categories exist to help small and mid-size businesses operate in niche markets that do not align with (and,...

Building Cybersecurity Culture With Effective Awareness and Training Programs


The Nexus  |  10 Jun 2019

Different information sources claim that 90% of cyberattacks are successful because of the mistakes made by information technology users.1, 2 The range of mistakes is broad and includes bad password practices, systems with open vulnerabilities, susceptibility to phishing and spear phishing...

Understanding and Implementing a Culture of Cybersecurity

By Luis Emilio Alvarez-Dionisi, Ph.D. and Nelly Urrego-Baquero

The Nexus  |  13 May 2019

Cultures have been studied by sociologists and anthropologists for a very long time. The fact that culture is an area of scientific study speaks to its importance and the need to understand culture and its impact on people and their behaviors. Now, culture is a hot topic among senior management...