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Closing the Skills Gap: Staying Current in a Changing Workplace

By Robin Lyons, CISA, CIA

The Nexus  |  10 Dec 2018

The cybersecurity skills gap has been a reality for organizations for several years and will be for the foreseeable future. The inability of organizations to close that gap is exacerbated by rapid evolution in the workplace. As organizations adopt new technologies, gaps are created between the...

Digital Currency and the Need for Trust

By Mark B. Cooper

The Nexus  |  12 Nov 2018

For the first time in modern history, our civilization is on the verge of a new concept in monetary transactions with cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency could be hugely disruptive to many industries and could completely change money transfer services industries, but trust must be the cornerstone...

Cloud Insecurity: The Need for Stronger Identity Management

By Mark B. Cooper

The Nexus  |  10 Sep 2018

With cloud usage growing exponentially, are we asking enough questions about cloud security for organizations to make informed risk management decisions? More than 80% of organizations store their information in the public cloud, according to Rightscale’s 2018 State of the Cloud Report,1 begging...

Combatting “Fileless” Malware

By Ed Moyle

The Nexus  |  13 Aug 2018

If you are a security practitioner, you do not need me to tell you how bad malware is. We all have war stories of critical system outages, angry users and other disruptions to the well-oiled machinery of our enterprise’s technology that occurred because of a particularly nefarious malware...