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Understanding and Implementing a Culture of Cybersecurity

By Luis Emilio Alvarez-Dionisi, Ph.D. and Nelly Urrego-Baquero

The Nexus  |  13 May 2019

Cultures have been studied by sociologists and anthropologists for a very long time. The fact that culture is an area of scientific study speaks to its importance and the need to understand culture and its impact on people and their behaviors. Now, culture is a hot topic among senior management...

10 Questions and Answers When Deploying a PKI

By Mark B. Cooper

The Nexus  |  11 Mar 2019

Public key infrastructure (PKI) is at the core of the enterprise IT backbone, and its integration with core IT applications is growing, according to the 2018 Global PKI Trends Study by nCipher Security and Ponemon Institute.1 The study states that email and network authentication are typically...

Five Questions to Ask in Your Next Cybersecurity Job Interview

By Philip Casesa

The Nexus  |  11 Feb 2019

Career development and advancement is important to most professionals and, in the case of cyberprofessionals, the current state of a wide range of available jobs and not enough skilled professionals to fill them can be a job seeker’s dream. Most working professionals can relate to the process of...

Closing the Skills Gap: Staying Current in a Changing Workplace

By Robin Lyons, CISA, CIA

The Nexus  |  10 Dec 2018

The cybersecurity skills gap has been a reality for organizations for several years and will be for the foreseeable future. The inability of organizations to close that gap is exacerbated by rapid evolution in the workplace. As organizations adopt new technologies, gaps are created between the...