Cybersecurity Fundamentals Study Guide, 2nd Edition


February 2017

This comprehensive study aid will help prepare learners for the Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificate exam. By passing the exam and agreeing to adhere to ISACA's Code of Ethics, candidates will earn the Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificate, a knowledge-based certificate developed to address the growing demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals. The Cybersecurity Fundamentals Study Guide covers key areas that will be tested on the exam, including: cybersecurity concepts, security architecture principles, incident response, security of networks, systems, applications, and data, and security implications of evolving technology.

This 2nd Edition accounts for the rapid changes to our global security landscape. It takes a deeper dive into cyberrisk and risk identification, with material from ISACA’s CRISC Manual. It also includes updated information on cybersecurity concepts, such as ransomware, policies and cybersecurity controls. Architecture principles are updated to consider web application firewalls, SIEM solutions and revised encryption applications. Network security sections are updated to include access controls, wireless network protections, and tunneling. Evolving technology now includes security implications of the internet of things, bit data, artificial intelligence and social media.

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