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Build Real-World, Technical Cybersecurity Skills with a Full Year of Continuous, Hands-On Learning at a Tremendous Savings.

In Cybersecurity, There’s No Substitute for Real-World Experience.

That’s why we created the Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) Virtual Cyber Academy – a comprehensive, real-world training solution designed to help you build real technical skills by learning to combat real threats in a live, dynamic network environment. Train whenever and wherever you want, with 24/7 access and a cloud-based learning platform.


Cyberthreats Evolve Quickly – And So Does CSX Training.

We’ll help you stay on top of current threats, and the latest tools and techniques to handle them, with unlimited access to our extensive library of practice labs and instructional, 16-hour courses. With continuous updates and the addition of new labs and courses throughout the year, you’ll not only have access to our existing catalog, but you'll have access to new courses and labs added within your subscription period. That equates to well over US $5,000 worth of training during the course of your 12-month subscription period - for as low as US $3,495.

Train for an Entire Year for Less Than the Cost Of a Typical Single, Week-Long Course.

A single, traditional 5-day training course from other leading training providers can cost as much as US $6,000, plus travel. The CSX Virtual Cyber Academy Self-Paced Training Subscription offers a full-year of unlimited, comprehensive training for much less.




Each Training Option Will Help You Build the Deep Technical Skills Required to Perform Successfully in Key Cybersecurity Positions:

Self-Guided Practice Labs
Stay on top of the latest threats and build your technical skillset with unlimited access to our robust library of self-guided, on-demand practice labs. Labs are updated regularly to help you build skills that reflect the latest real-world threats and scenarios. Guided work in our live network environment will help you learn by actually doing – and provide you with a safe space to practice critical skills without impacting operations. Our growing library is continually updated to keep you relevant, and new volumes of labs are added quarterly. You’ll have access to all currently-available practice labs, as well as all new labs added during your subscription period. Labs range from beginner to advanced levels. The Cyber Academy currently includes 46 individual, self-guided practice labs – worth up to 92 continuing professional education (CPE) credits upon successful completion.

Currently-available labs:

Browser Attacks
Chrome Extension Testing
Cleaning Up After an Attack
CSX Volume 3, Challenge 1
CSX Volume 3, Challenge 2
Data Integrity
Data Leakage
DDoS Detection
DNS Packet Analysis
Domain Detection
Finding the Lost Web Server
Firewall Setup 1
Firewall Setup 2
Forensic Data Recovery and Analysis
Forensics 1: Imaging
Forensics 2: File Recovery

Home Automation Device Patterns
HTTP Packet Analysis
Incident Response Script Implementation
Insider Threat Identification
Integrity and Malware Analysis Challenge
Intrusion Detection System Implementation and Testing
IOT Device Indicators
Linux Baseline with Lynis
Malware Analysis
Malware Detection and Removal with Baseline
Man-in-the-Middle Detection
Meltdown Mitigation
Mobile Forensics
Network Scanning
Packet Construction and Kernel Hardening

Passive Computer Forensics
Restoring Data with Secure Copy
Scanning and Enumeration Challenge
Script Construction and Execution
Scripts with Nmap
Securing Web Browsers
Session Hijacking
Spectre Mitigation
SQL Injection
System Baselining
Testing Web Applications
Threat Detection
Triaging Incidents
Updating Firewall Rules
Web Server Backup

In-Depth, 16-Hour Instructional Courses
These virtual, self-paced instructional courses will help you build real technical skills through hands-on learning in a live and dynamic network environment. Each course offers detailed instruction and guidance, along with hands-on lab work – in a comprehensive 16-hour virtual format. Learn at your own pace and track your progress along the way, with performance-based scoring of every effort. Your subscription includes our 6 currently-available courses – with more than 96 hours of training across instructional lessons and 50+ labs (in addition to those listed above). Earn up to 98 hours of continuing professional education (CPE) credits with currently-available courses.

Currently-available instructional courses:

  • CSX Packet Analysis Course
  • CSX Network Application and Configuration
  • CSX Linux Application and Configuration
  • CSX Penetration Testing Overview
  • CSX Vulnerability and Exploitation
  • CSX Advanced Exploitation Course

Additional courses will be released throughout your subscription period and will be added to your training library as soon as they become available. Courses may cover such topics as: forensic analysis, server hardening, asset recovery, and asset management.

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