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That’s why we created the Cybersecurity Nexus™ (CSX) Training Platform, the first on-demand, real-world training solution that builds real technical skills to help your staff combat real threats.

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Integrated Learning in an On-Demand, Self-Paced Environment

Always on and continually updated, the Cybersecurity Nexus™ (CSX) Training Platform helps your employees build critical technical cybersecurity skills through hands-on, skills-based training. In addition, our skills assessment component enables you to verify the technical competency of both existing employees and prospective new hires.

Hands-On, Practical Training in a Live and Dynamic Network Environment

Employees go through complex cybersecurity scenarios based on recent, real-world scenarios and are given live incidents to detect and mitigate.

Every Experience is Skills-Based

Our training platform is the first to offer skills-based evaluation and scoring of every effort. Users are assessed in real time and receive their success metrics and continuing professional education credits at the end of each lab and course.

Keep Track of Individual Employee and Team Level Performance and Progress with an Administrator Dashboard

Keep track of each employee’s progress and results for each course and lab with an administrator dashboard. You can see each employee’s strengths and areas for improvement and direct training based on these insightful trackers.


Training for a Full Year for Less Than the Cost of a Typical Week-Long Training Course

Employees can have continuous training and practice building critical cybersecurity skills for an entire year – with access to our full catalog of courses and/or labs, depending on the package you choose for your organization. Plus, you’ll eliminate expensive travel or long periods of time away from work.


“Anytime, Anywhere” Training with Minimal Technical Requirements

Your employees can access the CSX platform and train 24/7, anywhere a computer and high-speed internet connection are available. They can then learn at their own pace, focusing on areas where they need to build or improve individual skills.

Training Content that Stays Current

Courses, labs, tools and scenarios are continuously updated, ensuring your staff are always on top of the latest known threats and approaches. And new labs are issued every quarter.


Labs Built with Your Needs in Mind

Our labs are developed based on your input, allowing you to help build a better global cybersecurity workforce.

CSX Training Platform Modules

Enterprise packages include labs, or labs + courses + assessment tool. CSX Practitioner Courses are available as a standalone offer, and the CSX Practitioner Exam can be added on to your package to help certify your team and validate technical skill and ability. Capture the flag scenarios will be available free.

Focused Training Courses—The training platform features a library of self-paced, virtual courses combining instructional lecture with hands-on lab work. Each course offers a focused, deep dive into a specialized area of cybersecurity and ranges in length from 2 to 16 hours. Courses are available at varying levels of complexity: Beginner, Practitioner, Advanced and Bridge to Security Management.

CSX Practitioner Exam Prep Course—The enterprise training platform also includes a virtual version of our in-person CSX Practitioner Exam Prep Course. Offering 1-week of comprehensive training, this course combines instruction with hands-on learning and practice in applying basic concepts and industry-leading methods, and in utilizing a large array of open source tools within real-world scenarios in the live network environment. This training will help employees build the critical skills necessary to be successful in a variety of cybersecurity roles and to earn the CSX Practitioner certification.


Enterprise Assessment Tool—Exclusive to the CSX platform, the Enterprise Assessment Tool allows you to assess the technical abilities and current skill levels of both your current employees and potential hires. Each assessment provides an on-the-spot evaluation of an individual’s cyber strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to make informed hiring, promotional, and development decisions.

Capture the Flag Scenarios—Frequent capture the flag scenarios will be added on an ongoing basis to help users sharpen their skills in friendly competition.

The CSX Practitioner Exam is also available as an add-on to the training platform packages. The CSX Practitioner certification is the first vendor-neutral, performance certification that measures and validates technical cybersecurity skills and abilities.

  • Discuss Phishing Attacks
  • Conduct Phishing Examples
  • Discuss firewall rules
  • Become familiar with implementing firewall rules
  • Discuss Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
  • Identify Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
  • Discuss the importance of having an accurate network topology
  • Construct a network topology
  • Discuss the importance of documentation and scanning
  • Conduct scanning
  • Discuss data restoration processes
  • Implement data restoration processes
  • Discuss HTTP
  • Analyze HTTP in Wireshark
  • Discuss methods to identify threats
  • Identify a threat
  • Identify capabilities which will aid post-attack processes
  • Implement capabilities which aid post-attack processes
  • Discuss data integrity
  • Discuss hashing
  • Implement hashing
  • Discuss the importance of backups
  • Implement a backup image
  • Discuss DNS
  • Use Wireshark to view DNS
  • Discuss scanning for asset management
  • Conduct scanning on a network
  • Discuss cross site script attacks
  • Implement a cross site script attack
  • Identify File Types
  • Get detailed file information
  • Decompile and analyze Strings in binary files
  • Trace Execution of a Binary

CSX Practitioner Exam Prep Course

Our new CSX Practitioner Exam Prep Course is an intensive training course focused on more complex technical cybersecurity skills and scenarios, and recommended for staff who have intermediate or higher technical skills or as the next step in the CSX learning path after successful completion of CSX Cybersecurity Fundamentals and Foundations Series training courses. The course will help your staff build technical skills critical to perform successfully in key cybersecurity positions ̶ and to prepare for the CSX Practitioner certification exam.

The CSX Practitioner Exam Prep Course:

  • Offers 40 hours of immersive, practical training that combines in-depth instruction on key cybersecurity concepts with hands-on lab work to help staff build and hone critical technical cybersecurity skills.
  • Teaches staff will to use the same tools, within the context of current threats and scenarios, they would encounter working in the real world.
  • Provides relevant and comprehensive training – with each lesson and corresponding lab focused on skills and concepts in one of five areas aligned to existing global cybersecurity frameworks: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover.
  • Prompts students to effectively detect and mitigate live cyber incidents throughout the training, in line with NIST, ISO and ISA guidelines.
  • Allows your team members to learn at their own pace and schedules, with “anytime, anywhere” access
  • Provides trainees, upon completion of each lab, with a detailed analytic report – giving them immediate insight into strengths and weaknesses, and helping to direct continued training efforts.
  • Enables staff to earn up to 48 continuing professional education credit hours that can be applied to the maintenance of their professional certifications.

The CSX Practitioner Exam can be added on to your package to help certify your team and validate technical skill and ability. The CSX Practitioner certification is the first vendor-neutral, performance certification that measures and validates technical cybersecurity skills and abilities.


Practitioners can learn foundations of security such as, packet analysis, Linux and networking in an on-demand environment

The Cybersecurity Nexus™ (CSX) Packet Analysis Course (CPAC)

This course provides students an understanding of packet and protocol analysis. Students will work with real network traffic captures in real environments and will analyze different communication types and their components. Upon completion, students will be able to passively analyze packet captures and create network topologies and device characterizations – valuable traits in the cybersecurity field.

This comprehensive training course on Packet Analysis leverages hands-on lab training and in-depth instruction in this critical area.


  • Gain familiarization with the OSI model;
  • Understand the role of packets in online communications;
  • Identify when the application of packets is appropriate; and
  • Understand the basic composition of a packet.


  • Understand the basics of tapping the network;
  • Understand the options available for packet analysis software; and
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of Wireshark and its capabilities


  • Understand the definition of protocol;
  • Understand the definition of port;
  • Understand specific protocols which help conduct packet analysis;
  • Identify which protocols are helpful for device characterization; and
  • Identify which protocols are helpful for network mapping.


  • Understand where to find packets;
  • Understand how to capture packets in Wireshark; and
  • Understand how to filter certain types of data.


  • Understand what types of devices emit packets;
  • What unique identifiers those devices have;
  • How to find those unique emitters in a packet collection; and
  • How to characterize those devices.


  • Understand the wireless medium on a basic level;
  • Understand how to collect wireless packets; and
  • Understand how to analyze wireless packets.


  • Understand how to map networks based off packet collection;
  • Corroborate dataflow and protocol usage; and
  • Create a visual network map of the collected data.


  • Understand specific threats against a network;
  • Comprehend unique traits inherent to defined threats; and
  • Understand how to identify specific threats via packet analysis.


  • Understand where to find packets;
  • Understand how to capture packets in Wireshark; and
  • Understand how to filter certain types of data.


  • Identify mobile devices via packet analysis;
  • Identify mobile apps via packet analysis;
  • Understand how these systems are inherently vulnerable; and
  • Identify methods through which they may be exploited.


The Cybersecurity Nexus™ (CSX) Network Application and Configuration (CNAC) Course

This course provides students with an understanding of network connections, protocols, and routing. Through interacting with live traffic in a network environment, students will learn how to direct, create, and deny traffic as it flows through a network of their creation and moderation.


  • Understand the OSI and DoD TCP/IP models
  • Review commonly used ports and protocols
  • Understand various network types
  • Review network topologies and media types


  • Learn the Internet Protocol addressing schemes
  • Learn about subnet masks and class subnetting
  • Review common IP address related protocols


  • Learn the importance of network security mechanisms
  • Identify and implement various system hardening techniques
  • Determining security that meets your needs
  • Identify commonly targeted entry points


  • Understand the importance of network availability
  • Identify common issues that must be overcome
  • Review a variety of storage approaches
  • Understand the importance of patch and update management

Cybersecurity Nexus™ (CSX) Linux Application and Configuration (CLAC) Course

This course provides students with an understanding of the Linux operating system. Through interacting with live systems in a real environment, students will learn key commands, create user accounts and items, establish network connections, and learn the secrets of the Linux terminal.


  • Obtain an overview of Linux
  • Understand what types of Linux exist
  • Learn what constitutes a Linux variant
  • Understand the shell
  • Learn the basics of the Linux directory structure


  • Learn detailed information about the shell
  • Identify key navigation commands
  • Learn how to implement basic commands


  • Learn about hard and symbolic links
  • Implement more advanced commands
  • Manipulate files and file contents
  • Redirect the Linux Standard Input / Output


  • Learn about bash history
  • Utilize TAB-Autocomplete functionality
  • Switch between consoles for multi-tasking
  • Environment variables
  • Add and remove users and groups


  • Setup a NIC within the CLI
  • Edit networking configuration files
  • View routes and networking rules
  • Monitor Network Functionality


  • Explore the aptitude package management system
  • Use Aptitude to find, install, and remove packages
  • Conduct file management with archive utilities
  • Compile an executable

Open Source Tools Utilized in CSX Training Platform Instructional Courses and Labs

Use the Same Tools and Scenarios You’ll Encounter Working in the Real World.
Courses and labs on the CSX Training Platform feature practical, up-to-date instruction and practice using the latest open-source tools, within real-world scenarios.

Employees will learn how to use the latest tools that they will need to use day-to-day in the real world, including:

  • Wireshark
  • Nmap
  • Netdiscover
  • Zenmap
  • Md5sum
  • Vimdiff
  • Armitage
  • PfSense
  • ClamAV
  • BeEF
  • BURP Suite
  • Strace
  • Netcat
  • Strings
  • Native Linux Commands / Utilities
    • SSH
    • Nano
    • Ifconfig
    • Cat
    • Scp
    • Tar
    • Ping
    • Script
    • Netstat
    • Ps
    • Kill
    • Find
    • Mkdir
    • Ls
    • Userdel